Lindsey Stirling gives hope to ‘America’s Got Talent’ rejected contestants (Exclusive)

By Julianne Mosher,

After Nick Cannon and Howie Mandel appeared on the show initially wearing the same jacket, the second week of the quarterfinals got really serious, very quickly.

This week, NBC’s America’s Got Talent played out the fates of the 12 finalists who performed on Tuesday, in which sadly only five would return.

Seven acts were disappointingly kicked off, including Hart Dance Team, Darik Santos, Livy, Matt and Sammy, Loop Rawlins and salsa ballroom dancers, John and Andrew.

The decoratively dressed rollerblading dancer, Juan Carlos, was also eliminated.

That being said, the five who got through to go against the other performers in the semifinals are Andrey Moraru, Jaycob Curlee, Aerial Animation and Mat Franco.

However, at the end of the show, an intense debate regarding who would stay and who would go between the judges was formed around ACTE II and Mara Justine.

The only judge who didn’t pick Mara was Howie. ACTE II was sent home.

Although these seven dancers, singers, musicians and performers will not be heading to the semifinals, guest performer, Lindsey Stirling, returned to AGT and gave TheCelebrityCafe.com some hope for those who were kicked off.

Stirling herself was eliminated after the quarterfinals during season five when she was 23. Judge Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne at the time were wary about her talent selling out a venue in Las Vegas.

Four years later at 27 years old, the violinist, dancer and composer has released two albums and gained a loyal YouTube following. On Wednesday, she returned to the show that initially turned her down, not with spite but inspiration.

“Looking back at it I don’t think I was ready for that stage, when I was thrown on into the first time and honestly I don’t think a lot of people are,” she said.

“The judges gave me some very harsh criticism and I remember thinking, ‘they’re not right but I can be better.'”

She said that after her elimination, she needed to prove to America and herself that she was in fact, good enough.

“It really made me dig deep, it made me work hard. And being able to then come back as an invited performer and to be able to showcase what I can do, back then what I wasn’t ready for, like tonight I was ready for that stage.”

“It felt so amazing,” she added.

Image courtesy of Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com



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