Lynchburg employees work out with treadmill desks

By Allison Rubenstein,

The Central Virginia Health District recently spent $16,000 on treadmills with desks that employees can use to work and exercise simultaneously.

The new workstations are the product of a health movement led by Work Healthy Lynchburg. “The Work Healthy coalition is comprised of regional business leaders who have created this campaign to encourage healthy businesses,” reads the organization’s website.

So far, treadmill desks have been distributed for free to the Bank of the James, City Hall and Lynchburg’s Department of Human Services, according to the News Leader.

Since there aren’t that many machines yet, employees sign up for time slots to use the workstations. Christine Kennedy of the Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce reported that feedback has been positive thus far, with time slots filling up quickly. “I do believe we will see improved health and clarity, concentration and energy levels,” Kennedy said.

Work Healthy Lynchburg encourages other companies to experiment with treadmill desks and give their employees an opportunity to gain health benefits at work.



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