Man charged for urinating on Art Modell’s grave (Video)

By Michelle Kapusta,

Authorities said they have identified and charged the man who urinated on Art Modell’s grave last month.

According to the Associated Press, police have arrested and charged Cleveland Browns fan Paul S. Serbu, 61, for relieving himself on the former Baltimore Ravens owner’s grave site.

After the despicable act, Serbu posted a video of the incident online with a brief rant in which he attempted to justify his reasoning for urinating on the grave.

Modell purchased the Browns for $4 million in 1961. In 1996, he moved the team out of Cleveland to Baltimore. His choice to move the franchise obviously angered Browns fans.

The team never returned, but an expansion team went to Cleveland under the Browns name. After Clevelanders got another team, some fans still held ill will towards Modell, who died in 2012.

However, what Serbu did was not only illegal, but extremely childish and embarrassing to the fan base.

He has been charged with disorderly conduct in a cemetery and will be back in court in February. If convicted he faces a fine and a possible two years in prison.



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