Man denied entry into Dubai because of multiple piercings and ‘black magic’ appearance

By Melissa Barclay,

Rolf Buchholz, who holds the record for being the world’s most pierced man with 453 piercings and two horns on his forehead, was denied entry into Dubai at Dubai International Airport.

Officials turned the man away for his appearance, and Buchholz claimed they thought he was “black magic.” Buchholz was going to Dubai to perform at the Cirque Le Soir nightclub, where bookings for extreme performances are not unusual, reported The National.

Buccholz got through passport control, but was stopped where passengers' hand luggage were scanned. He said he was not informed immediately why he was not allowed entry. Instead, he went to an office where his passport and hand luggage were taken.

“I got my hand luggage back but not my passport,” Buchholz said.

Buchholz was eventually escorted back to the plane where police were waiting. He was not given the opportunity to stop, and was told to “keep moving so that no one spots me.”

He was put on a flight to Germany, with a stop in Istanbul, Turkey. The crew on the plane held onto Buchholz’s passport and boarding until he touched down in Germany.

According to The Daily News, a spokesman for the nightclub said they pleaded with officials to let Buchholz into the country. Despite his denial into the country the man still hopes to return and be accepted.

“I hope there is a change in Dubai and the whole world, so that everyone can live in peace,” Buchholz said.



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