Man suffering from frequent nosebleeds had tooth in nose

By Melissa Barclay,

Doctors in Saudi Arabia had a strange situation on their hands. A man, suffering from frequent nosebleeds, showed up and they discovered that he had a tooth in his nose.

The 22-year-old had suffered from nosebleeds at least twice a month for three years. After getting concerned, he went to a doctor who told him he had a tooth, about half an inch long, in his nose, reported Live Science.

The patient had the tooth pulled out after being put under general anesthesia by doctors. The man healed completely, and no other nosebleeds were reported afterwards.

The nosebleeds were caused by the tooth scratching the inside of his nose. The study of the case was published in the American Journal of Case Reports, reported the Metro.

One of the authors of the study, Dr. John Hellstein, said it is not unusual for people to have extra teeth. But having them grow in other places is extremely rare.

"We see several cases each year. But for it to have erupted up and through the nasal floor — that's unusual,” Hellstein said.

Hellstein said the patient likely had a mesiodens, an extra tooth found around the incisor teeth. He said that it’s possible for the teeth to get “rerouted upward, towards the nose.”



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