'MasterChef' Recap: Season 5 Top 8 Compete

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

Last night on MasterChef the top eight faced what may have been one of their most difficult challenges that led to a pressure test of extreme stress.

For the team challenge of the week, the chefs would be put into pairs but not by the judges yet themselves. For once they were allowed to choose their own partner that led to some interesting teams. First Elizabeth was the cool kid as she was surrounded with people wanting to be her partner but Leslie won the golden ticket when he said, “I’ll do whatever you want.” Sold.

Willie paired up with Cutter, Daniel with Jaimee and Courtney with Christian. Courtney and Christian legitimately surprised me as the two are easily some of the best chefs left but they have always been in stiff competition with each other. Next Chef Ramsey showed the teams how to break down a raw chicken and highlighted four pieces of the meat: the breast, wings, legs and oysters.

The teams were sent into the pantry to grab one box each as each box has one piece of the chicken and then they were to shop for what to use to help create a beautiful meal. Once they were sent inside they realized their boxes are locked and so they would be shopping blind and needed to grab ingredients that are universal.

image courtesy of Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com

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