'MasterChef' recap: Top 11 Compete

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

The battle for the Top 10 home cooks brought out the best and worst in the eleven remaining contestants on this weeks episode of MasterChef.

For this round of the usual Mystery Box challenge, the contestants arrived at their stations to find two boxes sitting before them. You were probably just as perplexed as them but there is always a plan. The judges first had the group lift the top off the box on the right and in it revealed an array of food found in most home kitchens around the world. I admit, I even spotted a few that I know for a fact are always kept in my house. Some ingredients were ground beef, ham steak, dill pickles and cheese dip (yummy for me, gross to them). They then looked at the box on the left and underneath were an elevated version of the home version box. Or as Courtney put it, “All of the groceries I would buy if I could afford it.”

Now for that plan I spoke of…the judges chose for tonight to be a mystery box of choice as each contestant was allowed to pick either box to work with and prepare a dish. While most of the cooks go for the more expensive box, Victoria chose to go with the simple box, as she believed being able to elevate simple ingredients shows more of her talent. I always knew I liked Victoria for a reason. The chefs showed full potential and promise as they worked to complete their dish except for Leslie, who ended up in a yelling match with Chef Joe over seasoning. For ten minutes I once again hoped for the fall of Leslie.

image courtesy of Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com

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