'MasterChef' Season 5 Top 10 Compete Recap

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

This week's episode of MasterChef started out full of laughter and fun but ended with me getting choked up due to the pressure test from hell.

As the episode began it appeared to be its usual run of the mill format starting with a team challenge. The top 10 would be split into two teams of five with Jaimee and Courtney as the team captains due to their spectacular performance the week before. The challenge is to cook and serve concessions for a friendly game of football and who better than NFL All Star Eric Dickerson to get everyone super pumped. Dickerson stopped by to explain the NFL Play 60 initiative where they are encouraging everyone to be active for sixty minutes a day.

Jaimee and Courtney were ready to pick their teams until the judges informed them that they actually would not be doing so as instead Jaimee would be picking Courtney’s team and vice versa. No one was really thrilled with this. Jaimee got to choose first and crafted Courtney’s team to be Leslie, Christian, Ahran and Victoria. Courtney returned the favor by giving Jaimee Cutter, Willie, Elizabeth and Daniel. The menu could not be simpler as each team is to prepare turkey burgers and fish tacos for the spectators.

Each spectator will choose either the tacos or burger and take from both teams and the team with the most votes does not enter the pressure test. A normal challenge. Jaimee first gives an idea of a turkey burger with cole slaw on it and no one is ready to back that idea and so she is overthrown into a menu of turkey burger with arugula and thousand island sauce and fish taco with corn slaw and cream sauce. Willie asks Jaimee to tell them if she disagrees with the menu and her attempt to do so comes out as a ‘you’re not going to listen to me anyway’ feasible complaint that goes nowhere.

image courtesy of Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com

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