Michelle Obama gets grief after Elyria City Schools' favorite cookie banned by health standards

By Allison Rubenstein,

Michelle Obama is getting grief because her healthy school lunch movement has resulted in the outlaw of a public school’s famously delicious “pink cookie” in Elyria, Ohio.

Amy Higgins, a spokesperson for Elyria City Schools, explained nostalgically why the city is disappointed by the cookie ban. “It’s not only a tradition, it’s one that tastes really, really good,” she told Fox News. “Anyone who’s gone to Elyria schools in the last 40 years knows the pink cookie.”

According to the USDA Smart Snacks In School standards, all snack items must be less than or equal to 200 calories. In an effort to make the pink cookie meet this regulation, the cafeteria altered the ingredients, replacing regular flour with whole-wheat flour.

But it seems the new healthy cookie won’t make the cut. Elyria Mayor Holly Brinda explained why changing the recipe doesn’t do the cookie justice. “It’s like eating diet potato chips. It’s not right,” she told Fox News.

It is unclear if Michelle Obama’s intention with this “healthy lunch” mumbo jumbo was to devastate the older population by obliterating their beloved treat, or to deprive the current students of the dangerous health risks that come with obesity.

Image courtesy of Michele Eve Sandberg/INFphoto.com



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