Mike Francesa hangs up on John Calipari after insulting his coaching ability

By Brian McMahon,
Radio host didn't allow national championship winning coach to defend himself

FOX Sports Radio host, Mike Francesa, has shown his ignorance and and lack of class yet again.

Francesa, best known for his time costarring on Mike and the Mad Dog, was discrediting the coaching ability of John Calipari earlier this week. Calipari felt the need to defend himself to the egomaniac of a radio host. Calipart is the head coach of the University of Kentucky, where he has led the Wildcats to three Final Fours since taking over in 2009, including winning the National Championship in 2012 with a core of freshmen on his team.

Francesa was clear that he thinks Calipari is a great recruiter and motivator, but said that the former head coach of the Dominican national team was not an elite strategist. He repeatedly said during his 3:30 spiel that Calipari was not a great "X's and O's guy." This led to Calipari calling into the show as "John from Kentucky," putting on a fake accent as he attempted to defend Calipari/himself.

Francesa immediately knew who he was talking to, but did not back down from his belief that Calipari is only an elite recruiter and motivator, refusing to acknowledge Calipari's ability to think in the game. Calipari took exception to the fact that Francesa did not say all these things when Calipari previously appeared on the show.

"You're like a caller that doesn't listen," said Francesa, before trying to force Calipari to admit that there are better X's and O's coaches than him.

Just as Calipari was about to defend himself, Francesa cut him off, saying, "Thanks for the call, because you're gone."

This type of dismissiveness is common for Francesa, notes the New York Post.

Calipari is a great coach, possibly the best in all of college basketball. While he is most respected for ability to motivate and recruit, he is a mastermind of the game, always knowing how to work with the players he has. Calipari has the foresight and confidence to teach new strategies if he feels it works for his individual team.

Sporting News notes that Calipari pulled off one of the greatest coaching jobs of the era when he led the young Wildcats to the National Championship Game this past season.



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