Miley Cyrus NBC concert special under investigation by FCC

By Waleed Khalidi,

The Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour special, which aired on NBC, July 4 weekend, is being evaluated by the Federal Communications Commission in order to determine whether it violated any rules against indecency and profanity.

The FCC told Rolling Stone that the agency received a total of four complaints about the concert special.

The show was filmed earlier this year at Cyrus' Barcelona and Lisbon tour stops, which also included behind-the-scenes footage.

The factors that likely drew the complaints were Cyrus' outfits, including a skin-tight unitard, and backup dancers dressed up as a giant blunt and cigarette lighters. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the singer also performed a provocative dance with a man dressed as Abraham Lincoln. For one song, Cyrus also got comfortable in a giant bed with several men and women.

Rolling Stone reported the complaints verbatim.

"They aired a program called Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour," the first complaint began. "Now, during the summer evenings when the kids get to stay up late, why would they choose to air a highly controversial 'pop star' who freely advertises that her songs are all about sex and drugs, who wears costumes that would perhaps be more appropriate if she were dancing on a pole in some club somewhere?"

Another one read, "The live Miley Cyrus concert program was borderline pornographic in images and the lyrics to the songs. Open sexuality on a stage bed male/male female/female homosexuality. Very graphic and disturbing for a Sunday evening 9pm summertime broadcast. Please investigate this and prevent it from ever being shown again."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, both a spokesperson for NBC and a representative for Cyrus have declined to comment.

Images courtesy of INFphoto.com



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