Naked man claiming to be ‘Messiah’ attacks driver in Philadelphia

By Michelle Kapusta,

Authorities have said that a half-naked man claiming to be the “Messiah” attacked a driver in Philadelphia early Sunday morning.

NBC 10 reported that police found a man naked from the waist down lying unconscious on a road around 4 a.m. after he allegedly attacked a passing motorist.

According to 6ABC, the partially nude man was initially thought to be the victim in this case, as investigators believed that he was attacked and thrown from a vehicle.

However, police got a different story when they stopped the car that fled the scene of where the man was found.

The five passengers told investigators that the 57-year-old man ran into the middle of the roadway claiming to be the “Messiah” before allegedly attacking the 24-year-old male driver. The driver said he pushed the crazed man to the ground and then jumped back in the car to get away.

Officials later said that the man with no pants does suffer from a mental disorder and became aggressive and delusional after he mixed his medication with alcohol.



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