New gene treatment for heart failure hopes to replace transplants

By Jennifer Pilgrim,

Often times when heart failure occurs, or the main organ in our body begins to tear itself down and become damaged, surgery is the only option. A new technique has been discovered that, with only a simple injection, may provide the same benefits that complete heart surgery does, but without all the risks and cutting.

The injection is key in allowing the heart to repair itself, thanks to a very specific protein, reports The Telegraph. British researchers are excited to call the new treatment a "viable alternative" to traditional transplantation, which can often times come with more risks than benefits.

Many people who require a heart transplant pass away, as well, reports Independent.ie News. There is a continuous shortage of heart donors, but with this new injection, recovery may be able to come completely, or at least allow the person who needs the organ donation to live a bit longer while they wait for a heart to arrive.

The protein, SERCA2a, provides the hart with a harmless engineered virus that can help the heart rebuild tissues and begin pumping more blood throughout for steadier life. The focus in these therapies is to keep the patient comfortable, and help continue to maintain a normal life.



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