New wearable baby monitor ‘Sproutling’ to put parents at ease

By Allison Rubenstein,

A new wearable device for newborns called Sproutling will bring parents into a whole new baby ballgame.

The gadget, to be secured around the infant’s ankle, will track 16 different variables, including heartbeat, body temperature, motion and noise level in the baby’s room, according to the Tech Times.

The information retrieved is then accessible via the Sproutling mobile app, which co-founder Matthew Spolin assures consumers will be simple and easy to use. “We’ll show you an animation so you can look at this at four in the morning without glasses or contacts and know it’s green, everything’s good,” said Spolin, as reported by TIME.

Amazingly, once the device picks up on the baby’s patterns, it supposedly can predict when the baby will wake up, and what mood he or she may be in.

CEO Chris Bruce found inspiration for the device in his own children, whom he would wake up accidentally by checking on during the night.

Sproutling will begin shipping in March 2015 and will be priced at $259.



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