New York Giants shut down RB David Wilson for 2014 season

By Taylor Ellis,

New York Giants running back David Wilson has been shut down for the 2014 season by team doctors due to the neck injury sustained last year and most recently in camp. It is believed that the injury could be career ending.

The former 2012 first round pick suffered a “burner” against the Philadelphia Eagles last year that forced the team to place him on Injured Reserve according to Daily News. Wilson, 23, had spinal fusion surgery in January of this year, and quickly made his way to the gym to complete his comeback. The Giants were careful with Wilson, holding him out of spring practices.

Wilson was finally cleared for contact on July 21 and began to see more and more action at training camp. Then last Tuesday, during a non-contact practice, Wilson ran into the back of lineman Eric Herman, which caused him to suffer another “burner."

The Giants have two options for their next course of action. They could place Wilson in injured reserve for the second time of his career, or the two parties could reach an injury settlement and Wilson would be released according to ESPN.

It’s unfortunate that this young talent will never show what he could do in the NFL.



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