New York Yankees sneak by the Detroit Tigers in a close game

By Ricky Yandoli,

The New York Yankees won against the Detroit Tigers in an extremely close contest. It was New York 1, and the Tigers 0.

The Bronx Bombers gave 25-year-old rookie Shane Greene another opportunity to start Thursday afternoon. He earned his third Major League win, as proven by MLB.com. In six starts this season, he only has one loss.

Greene spoke after the game about his performance and not allowing any runs. Also, he touched on how well the Yankees are doing.

"It's awesome. They gave me an opportunity and I'm just trying to make the most of it," said Greene. "You start to get on a roll and it's kind of like hitting. Hopefully we can keep going."

Team closer David Robertson picked up another save, and he had to do so against Detroit slugger Miguel Cabrera. According to the New York Times, Robertson mentioned his matchup with Cabrera and what he tried to do specifically to the All-Star.

Robertson said, “I was just trying to be smart. I didn’t exactly throw the pitch where I wanted to, but the outcome was exactly what I wanted.”

As the season progresses, New York is looking to earn a shot at the playoffs. They are five games out of first place, trailing the Baltimore Orioles in the AL East.

In the American League Wild Card race, they are only trailing the Kansas City Royals and the Los Angeles Angels. Every day is a dogfight for a Wild Card berth between the Yankees, the Royals, and the Angels.



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