Nicole Murphy split from Michael Strahan due to cheating accusations

By Kyle Johnson,

Nicole Murphy reportedly ended her five-year engagement to Michael Strahan over cheating accusations, or maybe it was over the prenuptial agreement. Sources appear divided.

The couple revealed their breakup late last week, just ahead of Strahan being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. A rep claimed that the split was due to work and distance.

Maybe sources who spoke with TMZ or Page Six have revealed the truth, or not. According to sources who exclusively talked with TMZ, Murphy split with the morning co-host after she found proof he was seeing other women.

The source notes they don't know what the proof supposedly was and that the timing of the split wasn't meant to be revenge, with other sources insisting they had already broken up, but simply hadn't revealed the news yet.

Sources who spoke with the New York Post's Page Six say that it was really over Murphy not wanting to sign Strahan's prenuptial agreement.

"Nicole was unwilling to sign a prenup, even though Michael has consistently been very generous to her," a source explained. He even helped her out while she pursued a lawsuit against Troy David Stratos, who convinced her to invest money overseas.

"She gave Stratos all the money from her divorce with Eddie Murphy. Michael helped her out financially, but she still wouldn't sign a prenup."

image courtesy of Peter West/ACE/INFphoto.com



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