No bail for suspect in Amish kidnapping case

By Kate Taylor ,

The woman thought to be responsible for co-conspiring the kidnapping of two Amish girls in upstate NY received no option for bail in a preliminary hearing on Thursday.

According to Huffington Post the couple who abducted the sisters from a farm stand near the Canadian border are in a “master-slave relationship.” Nicole Vaisey, the female in the couple, is claiming to be a victim of an abusive relationship.

ABC News reports that Vaisey admitted to abducting the girls using a dog as a decoy in her hearing. As a result, Fowler Justice Paul Lamson ordered that she be held without bail.

St Lawrence County District Attorney Mary Rain disclosed that there is reason to believe that the girls were sexually assaulted during their 24-hour abduction. The County Sheriff reports that Vaisey admitted to shackling the girls and planned on turning them into slaves.

The male kidnapper, Stephen Howells Jr. waived his right to a hearing and will be going straight to a grand jury.



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