Pennsylvania state Senator Daylin Leach smoked cannabis in Colorado

By Mihir Shah,

Pennsylvania state Senator Daylin Leach has been a long time supporter for marijuana legalization. When he visited Colorado to study the state's marijuana regulatory framework, he decided to smoke some marijuana when he took details of Colorado's marijuana laws.

According to The Huffington Post, Leach told CBS Pittsburgh associate about purchasing a vaporizer pen on his trip. He said that he inhaled a few hits and definitely felt something. He mentioned that it was less than he would have smoked in high school, however, he didn't want to do anything else because he hadn't done it in a while and has a low tolerance.

Although the taxpayer dollars funded his trip, none of it went to purchasing or using cannabis. Leach further intends to discuss his findings with the marijuana reformers and state lawmakers in Pennsylvania.

Leach mentioned in York Daily Record that in Colorado, they met hardworking people doing diligent labor, and happy citizens responsibly living prosperous and healthy lives. The sad part is that all of those people would be deemed as criminals in Pennsylvania. They would ruin their lives by arresting them, prosecuting them and incarcerating them. They would kill their business and prohibit sick people from they medicine they need. That is the true insanity of criminalization and the leading reason why it is on its journey to the ash-heap of history.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, senator Leach is to return to Pittsburgh next week and meet with marijuana advocates and legislators as he continues to push two bills for medicinal marijuana and for recreational pot. According to Leach, “We’re voting on medical cannabis in the Senate in a couple of weeks. I think recreational is coming within a couple of years. We want to make sure we get this right.”



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