Pie's blue ribbon win could be voided due to store bought crust

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

Complaints from other contestants have arisen after a woman who won the blue ribbon for her pie at the Kentucky State Fair admitted to using a store bought pie crust.

The baker of the pie, Linda Horton, shared her recipe with the Courier-Journal, stating that she used the Pillsbury store bought crust because she had less than satisfactory experiences with homemade crusts.

According to the Associated Press, Kentucky State Fair Culinary Superintendent Stephen Lee claims that if they award the pie the ribbon they would also have to award Pillsbury the award because “half of the judgment of that pie is on the crust.”

The pie in question is a buttermilk pie, which is best described as a chess pie crossed with a cheesecake, notes The Courier-Journal.

The 67-year-old Horton has already been contacted by someone from the fair and she’ll know in two weeks whether or not her pie will keep the ribbon.

According to the official rule book, "no commercial pie crusts may be used." Lee notes that should it be true that the winner used a store bought crust, her win will be voided.



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