Playing moderate amounts of video games can be healthy

By Jennifer Pilgrim,

Although there is often concern associated with playing video games, a new study done within the United Kingdom has revealed that a moderate amount of video games can lead to children and teenagers being more "well adjusted" and calm.

According to WebMD, 75 percent of British children and teenagers play video games each day, and those who play an hour or less are better "adjusted" compared to their peers who played no video games, or excessive amounts.

The children within the study were considered "adjusted" based upon their levels of sociability and how satisfied they felt about their lives. They were asked numerous questions regarding their social activity, empathy and ability to focus. All children with moderate game use also appeared to have less hyperactivity and fewer emotional and friendship problems.

ZeeBiz News reports that, although video game playing has an effect on behavior, "high levels of video game-playing appear to be only weakly linked to children's behavioral problems in the real world," explains study author Dr Andrew Przybylski from the Oxford Internet Institute.



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