Playstation Network victim of DDOS attack

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

If you’re having trouble accessing the PlayStation Network today, you’re not the only one. Many users in North America are experiencing outages due to a DDOS attack.

Hacker group Lizard Squad has already claimed responsibility for the attack via a post on their personal Twitter page. Not only did the group hack into the PSN system, but they also tweeted about the possibility of explosives aboard Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley’s flight. Flight 362 was diverted to Phoenix and cargo was inspected following the bomb threat, reports Tech Crunch. So far there is no word on whether or not they found anything onboard the flight.

Reports by Gamer Headlines state that PSN was not the only network to be hit by the DDOS attack. It has been reported the Battle.net and EA Origins were also targeted today.

Another tweet on the Lizard Squad claims the reason for the attack on the networks was “PC MASTER RACE.”

According to Sony, no user information has been leaked during the attack and systems should be back up and running soon.



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