Police threatened to shoot reporter for filming Ferguson Protest

By Melissa Barclay,

A reporter said he was threatened by the police while filming the protest in Ferguson after the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown on Sunday night.

The threat was caught on video. Although the audio was not entirely clear, the officer threatening the reporter could be heard. The reporter then moved back and began to explain to another officer that he was threatened, reported Vox.

“Get the [expletive] out of here or I will shoot you with this,” the officer yelled.

According to the The Huffington Post, the reporter in the video, Mustafa Hussein, was filming for Argus Radio, a local radio station. Other journalists were also threatened with mace and a few were briefly detained.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency and set a curfew from midnight to 5 a.m. Some protesters have ignored the curfew and still took to the streets where they were met with officers.

The video of the officer threatening Hussein went viral and was shared on social media platforms such as Twitter.



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