President Obama calls for calm, Gov. Jay Nixon says there will be 'different tone' in Ferguson

By Kyle Johnson,

President Barack Obama announced there will be an investigation into the shooting of an unarmed black teen and called for peace in Ferguson, while Gov. Jay Nixon insisted there would be a "different tone" from St. Louis police.

With the situation in Ferguson continuing to escalate as police respond aggressively while wearing riot gear, Obama preached that now should be a "time for healing." The New York Times reports he added, "Now's the time for peace and calm on the streets of Ferguson."

The president also said that there will be a transparent investigation into the Saturday shooting on unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown by a police officer. The Ferguson Police Department tried to hold back on the name of the officer who shot Brown after initially saying they would release the name.

Anonymous allegedly has managed to track down the records of the officer, who is currently on paid leave.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon insists there will be a "different tone" and an "operational shift," according to USA Today. He said that those protesting peacefully should be allowed to do so. "We live in a free country."

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill also came out and said that, "The police response needs to be demilitarized."

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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