Rapper Liv writes track aimed at Beyonce and Jay Z

By Jorie Goins,

Hollywood remains obsessed with news of Jay Z and Beyoncé's troubled marriage. Now rapper and model Liv has further fueled the flames with her new track titled "Sorry Mrs. Carter."

The song, which samples Outkast's 2001 single "Ms. Jackson," contains several heavy-handed references to both Jay Z and Beyoncé and responds directly to the rumors that Jay Z cheated on Beyoncé with Liv. The video includes pictures of tabloids claiming that Liv was one of Jay Z's mistresses, but Liv insists that she and Jay "never screwed" in her rap.

Although she dispelled the rumors that she and Jay were ever intimate, Liv does say that they shared a special connection and implies that Jay Z does have a wandering eye and had feelings for her.

Liv's video also takes direct jabs at Beyoncé, referencing several of her songs and saying "girls can't run the world fighting over men" and questioning why Beyoncé is with Jay Z at all. Liv also admonishes Beyoncé for not being more of an inspiration to young women with the line, "they need you." The song ends with Liv challenging Beyoncé to inspire change saying, "If you won't I will."

Beyoncé's fans, known collectively as the BeyHive, have taken to social media to bash Liv for her song.

This is not the first time that Liv has clashed with Jay Z and Beyoncé. Last year, the rapper claimed that Jay Z had hit on her in her song "The Invasion: Part 2." According to Hollywood Life, she later apologized for the incident saying she didn't mean to cause any trouble.

What do you think of Liv's track?

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