Reporter Elizabeth Vargas returns to rehab

By Madeline Smith,

Elizabeth Vargas, an ABC reporter, has announced she will be returning to a rehabilitation center for alcoholism.

Vargas previously visited a rehab facility back in the fall of 2013, according to People/The Associated Press.

"While on vacation this weekend, I decided to return to a recovery center. As so many other recovering alcoholics know, overcoming the disease can be a long and incredibly difficult process,” Vargas told the Daily News.

The 20/20 anchor released a statement apologizing to family and co-workers for her lapse, but said she is determined to beat the disease of alcoholism.

ABC spokeswoman Heather Riley released a statement to Page Six about the network’s stance on Vargas’ return to rehab.

“Nothing is more important than Elizabeth’s health and well-being and we stand squarely behind her. Our thoughts are with Elizabeth and her family and we look forward to having her back at ABC News when she feels ready to return.”

Earlier this year, Vargas opened up on Good Morning America about her struggle with alcoholism.

Vargas admitted that drinking was her way to cope with an anxiety disorder she has had since childhood.

The reporter recently renewed her contract with ABC and will still have a place at the network when she is discharged from treatment.

Credit: Elder Ordonez/INFphoto.com



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