Richard Attenborough remembered by celebrities on Twitter

By Anna Rose Meeds,

On Sunday, Aug. 24, film director and actor Richard Attenborough died at the age of 90. Movies such as Gandhi, Jurassic Park and The Great Escape earned him Academy Awards, Golden Globes and other awards in his lifetime.

People from all over the globe are grieving the loss of this talented man. A previous article on TheCelebrityCafe.com reports the details of this sad event. Here are a few responses from celebrities that were touched by this director.

Some focused on the movies and skills of Attenborough. For example, Smash actor Andy Mientus remembered being inspired by the actor at a young age.

Gemma Arterton, an actress in films such as Prince of Persia and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, also acknowledged the legendary status of Attenborough.

Image via Twitter from Gemma Arterton

With the recent deaths of so many talented celebrities, stage actor Danny-Boy Hatchard mourned the loss of another one.

Others acknowledged Attenborough’s films but also addressed his kindness and generosity. Actor Johnny Lee Miller appreciated his grandfather’s relationship with Attenborough while acknowledging his talent.

Luke Pritchard, singer from the Kooks, also noted the good-heartedness of Attenborough.

Finally, tweeters reminisced on their experiences with him. Outlander star Sam Heughan remembered a good audition and Attenborough’s kind response.

The outpouring of tweets about Attenborough highlighted both his award-winning career, interest in politics and kindness to all that he met. Even those who briefly met him mourned this great man and wanted for him to rest in peace.

image courtesy of Walter McBride/INFphoto.com



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