‘Ridiculousness’ recap: Episode 4, Season 5

By Aubrie Reichardt,

Every once in a while, there comes an episode of Ridiculousness where there is no special guest. This episode is the first one of this season to not have a guest. However, the show still brings the laughs as the show’s regular cast, Rob Dyrdek, Chanel West Coast, and Steelo Brim, pick on each other. There are mostly new categories in this episode and some clips that really help define the title of the show.

Photo Credit: INFphoto.com.

In the beginning, Dyrdek talks to West Coast about her lifestyle. Any hardcore fan of Ridiculousness knows that West Coast once got a chipped tooth during a game of dodge ball. They talk about her now fixed (though Steelo disagrees) tooth. West Coast also discuss how much she falls while skateboarding which leads into the first category “Bad at Falling.” Here, we see a terrible way to move a refrigerator and a drunk guy trying to plank a stool.

Before the next two categories, Dyrdek aims his jokes at Steelo and his sick mind. You don’t need a dirty mind, however, to find the next two categories funny. First up, “Get Up” which features clips of people being waken in hilarious ways. The second one named “Locked In” has clips with people zoning in on a target and taking it out.

To set up the next category, West Coast explains how she uses television to keep her company when she’s alone. The next category, “Lonely Boys,” show cases those who are clearly very lonely. A clip with a lone guy dancing causes an argument between West Coast and Dyrdek about whether or not there is carpet on the floor.

The “End of Days” category has clips that show signs that it may be the end of the world. Like one with hundreds of bunnies running in one direction. The next category is “Active Girth” with big people trying to stay active.
The last category is a take on AAA (American Automobile Association) called “R.A.A.” for Russian Automobile Association. Dyrdek’s jokes are what makes this category. Steelo asks the question on whether or not Ridiculousness airs in Russia when West Coast says they do. West Coast also shares that she met Russians who love the show.

The #Hashtagit clip opens with a man lying on a hospital bed. He leans towards the camera and makes eye contact while he farts loudly. West Coast and Steelo share their hashtags but in the end Dyrdek makes it #splatter.



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