‘Ridiculousness’ recap: Season 5 Episode 5

By Aubrie Reichardt,

For the fifth episode of Ridiculousness, television personality Maria Menounos dropped by. She is known for being a TV correspondent for Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood along with making appearances on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE Raw).

Photo Credit: Roger Wong/ INFphoto.com.

Menounos talked about her first interview with Metallica member Lars Ulrich. Based around her television career, Rob Dyrdek created a category called “Meno-nos” featuring news casters having a bad day at work between falling off of things or being attacked by animals. For the second category, Dyrdek brought up Menounos piercing laugh. “Signature Laugh” showcased others like Menounos that have a laugh of their own.

Dyrdek showed a picture of Menounos where she lost a bet and had to wear an outfit she wasn’t too into. While Dyrdek didn’t believe her, he showed the category “Lost a Bet” with those who must have also lost a bet. Sadly for them, losing didn’t mean just wearing a swim suit. One guy ran through urine and another licked a handrail for a dollar.

At a Lakers game, Menounos was kicked out by Jack Nicholson so she believes. After she told the story, Dyrdek introduced the next category “You’re Outta Here” with people who mostly likely got kicked out of a sports game. There were some that ran onto a sports field striping and one lady who attacked someone in the crowd. The next category called “Stinkface” showed unfortunate souls who had others’ butts in their faces. All were very gross situations.

The “Crowded Houses” category had clips with people and their roommates causing chaos in the house. One man fired a fire work in his face and other clips showed other pranks gone wrong. Menounos talked about her fitness training which set up the last category “Instant Abs.” While she is very much in shape, the people in this category had methods that most likely don’t work out as well as hers.

For the #Hashtagit clip, Dyrdek featured a clip with a car which is making a noise that sounds much like a car alarm. Upon further inspection, it was a dog pressing down on the car horn. The hashtag given to this clip was from Steelo: #CrazyBitchBehindtheWheel.



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