‘Ridiculousness’ recap: Season 5 episode 7

By Aubrie Reichardt,

On this episode of Ridiculousness, a very special guest made an appearance. Larry King showed up and watched some crazy clips with Rob Dyrdek and friends. While the legendary broadcaster seemed out of place, he joked along with the team and had a lot of fun. King has met Dyrdek before so he was used to his silly shenanigans.

Photo Credit: INFevents.com

Since King’s profession involves interviewing, Dyrdek started the show with a category called “Great Questions.” In each clip, someone asks a crazy question that really just states the obvious. King has decided that he wants to be cryogenically frozen, so the next category was “Flash Frozen.” Here, we watch people freeze in strange positions normally after painful falls. One of these videos was one of those “fainting goats” videos.

As I mentioned before, Dyrdek was interviewed by King before. They showed a clip of their weird conversation to set up the next category, “Worse Than a Finger.” This category features people having unfortunate things stuck up their butts. Dyrdek pointed out King’s signature style to set up the next category. “Shoulda Larry up” showed those who should have worn suspenders to keep their pants up before they embarrassingly lost them. No one likes to lose their pants in front of people.

“So Sexy it hurts” show cases “hot dimes” in painful situations. Next, Dyrdek showed a clip of King dancing and he was surprisingly good. So the last category was “Unexpected Dance Masters” with those who don’t seem like the kind who can dance but they can. For example, there was a break dancing cop and boogie dancing park ranger.

Last but not least was the #Hashtagit video which included a man making turkeys (or possibly chickens) mimic his gobbling sound. Dyrdek declared the video #CockGobbler.



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