Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda, quits social media after harassment

By Michelle Kapusta,

Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda, has been forced off social media after she was harassed by online trolls in the wake of her father’s death.

The New York Daily News reported that the 25-year-old posted a lengthy message on Instagram Wednesday saying that she was abandoning her account for now. She went on to write that she is not sure if she is going to delete it or not.

What she did delete was her Twitter account after some insensitive comments and horrific photoshopped pictures of her father were sent to her by some Internet trolls.

Us Weekly noted that a day earlier, Williams and her two brothers released statements to the media about the passing of their father, who was found dead on Monday.

In her tribute, the Nine Months actress used humor to respond to those who felt the need to post disgusting comments while hiding behind their computers.

"As for those who are sending negativity, know that some small, giggling part of him is sending a flock of pigeons to your house to poop on your car," she wrote. "Right after you’ve had it washed. After all, he loved to laugh too."

image via INFevents.com



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