Robin Williams sent video message to terminally ill fan before his death

By Erica M. Szkola ,

Days after his death, people are still showing the world just how kindhearted Robin Williams really was. Several months before taking his own life, the actor touched the heart of a terminally ill cancer patient in New Zealand by sending her a caring video message.

After being diagnosed with lung, bowel and liver cancer in early January, 21-year-old Vivian Waller was determined to make a bucket list, which included meeting comedian, Robin Williams, the Daily News reported.

According to USA Today, the mother celebrated her daughter’s first birthday and married her boyfriend, Jack, but unfortunately was too ill to travel to the US. A friend of Waller was able to reach out to the actor who in return emailed a short clip to the family.

"Hi Vivian, it's Robin Williams here saying 'hey girl what's going on down there in New Zealand,’” he said in the video. "I'm sending all my love to you, Jack and Sophie,” he said. “Knock this off your bucket list."

Husband Jack Waller said his wife was absolutely thrilled to receive the video. Waller has yet to bring up the actor’s suicide to his wife, who has been going through a difficult time after she stopped responding to chemotherapy. Waller was moved to a hospice the day the news of the tragedy was released.

Jack Waller decided to make the video message that Williams sent to his wife public because they wanted to show the world how awesome he really was.

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