Robin Williams will get 'World of Warcraft' tribute, Nintendo responds to 'Legend of Zelda' petition

By Daniel S Levine,

Robin Williams loved video games. He loved them so much that he named his daughter, Zelda Williams, after Princess Zelda in Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda games. The actor, who died on Monday, also loved World of Warcraft and will get a tribute in that popular game.

Jacob Holgate of Texas launched a Change.org petition to try to get Williams a WoW tribute, noting that Williams joked about his addiction to the game. So, he asked Blizzard, which created the game, to find some way to honor the Good Will Hunting star. The petition scored nearly 11,000 signatures.

The petition has been a success. BidnessEtc noted that technical game designer Chadd Nervigg tweeted that he had seen the petition. Blizzard is working on it, Nervigg said.

Nick Schaedel of Australia started his own petition to get Williams a tribute in the next Zelda game. Williams was a big Nintendo fan and even appeared in an advertisement for the company.

While that petition has earned over 95,000 signatures, Nintendo took some time before commenting. A spokesman for the company told Polygon that they could not commit to the petitioner's goal.

“Robin Williams was loved at Nintendo. Our hearts go out to his entire family, and especially to Zelda Williams who we've worked with multiple times,” the spokesman said. “We appreciate the outpouring of support from the gaming community, and hear the request of fans to honor him in a future game. We will not be discussing what might be possible for future games during this difficult time, but we will hold our memories of Robin close.”

Williams died on Monday at age 63. Zelda herself was brought into the news, sadly because she was badgered on social media. She decided to leave social media altogether.

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