Roku to launch line of TVs with streaming service built-in

By Daniel S Levine,

We’ve already cut the cable and satellite cords, but now we might be able to cut the set-top boxes, too. Roku, whose set-top box competes with Apple TV for streaming customers, is reportedly ready to launch a line of affordable televisions with the streaming service built-in.

Roku is teaming up with the Chinese consumer electronics companies TCL and Hisene to develop the TVs first, reports Variety. Deals with the companies were first announced back in January, but we are just now hearing about the details.

TLC will get to sell four different Roku TV models, all of which will be in 1080p high definition. The cheapest is a 32-inch version for just $229, while the most expensive runs $649 and is 55 inches. They will also have three HDMI inputs and are already up on Amazon for pre-order. These should be available as soon as later this month or early September.

Prices for the Hisene models were not announced, but they will be available with 40-to 55-inch screens and will be available at most retailers.

As Entertainment Weekly points out, the televisions will automatically start-up at the familiar (to Roku users) Roku menu, with channels like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora and HBO Go. Users will be able to change the setting to watch regular television. Although, who wants to watch regular television when you can binge-watch the last season of House of Cards?

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