Saints’ Jimmy Graham fined $30K for goal post dunks

By Michelle Kapusta,

On Friday, New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham found out just how much it would cost him for a pair of crossbar dunks.

According to ProFootballTalk, Graham will have to shell out $30,000 for his post-touchdown dunks over the goal post in a pre-season game against the Tennessee Titans.

USA Today Sports noted that in the offseason, the NFL outlawed the dunk which is the tight end’s signature-celebratory move.

The rule was put into place to avoid delays like the one last year at the Georgia Dome. The game was delayed about 20 minutes after the Pro Bowler broke the goal posts with a dunk.

Graham may have wanted to just defy the league for taking away his go-to move, but he ended up costing his team yards for the penalties. Saints head coach Sean Payton was not happy with him for that and had it been a regular season game, his teammates certainly would not have been happy either.

The 27-year-old later apologized and vowed to stop.

As for his fine, it is fitting that the first victim of the “Jimmy Graham Rule" is Graham himself.



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