Samuel Anderson joining as 'companion of a companion' in 'Doctor Who'

By Kyle Johnson,

The Doctor is getting another companion to join him in the series, this time in the form of Danny Pink, played by Samuel Anderson.

Pink, who Anderson describes as a "companion of a companion," is a former soldier who has since become a mathematics teacher, the Miami Herald. He works alongside current companion Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman.

He will make his first appearance on the second episode airing on Saturday and will tag along with Clara, who continues to adventure with the Doctor, despite him now sporting the much older face of Peter Capaldi and not Matt Smith's.

Still, Anderson wants to make one thing quite clear, "I'm not really a Companion," he explained to MTV News. "I think I can say that without it really being a spoiler."

Danny Pink, who Anderson says is a "normal bloke," will not be joining the Doctor and Clara on a regular basis, but will show up from time to time. He will be there to help the Doctor as he continues to question himself.

"[Pink] raises little questions for the Doctor, and the audience," Anderson notes. "He's a very useful too, and a very clever thing that Steven Moffat has created."

The eighth series of the rebooted Doctor Who premiered last Saturday to strong ratings, both for BBC America and in the UK. The first episode set a record for BBCA with 2.2 million viewers watching the initial telecast. Another 408,000 tuned in to an encore.

In the UK, the series debuted to even stronger numbers, averaging 8 million viewers.

image courtesy of Roger Wong/INFphoto.com



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