Sarah Palin says Tina Fey 'capitalized' on their resemblance, made her look like an 'idiot'

By Gina DiFalco,

Sarah Palin is giving her opinion on Tina Fey’s impressions of her on Saturday Night Live again, saying she was portrayed in a negative light.

The 2008 vice presidential candidate doesn’t appreciate the way Fey depicted her, telling Tom Shales and James Miller for their book Live From New York her thoughts on Fey's performances.

The Hollywood Reporter published an excerpt of the book, which included Palin saying, “I know that they portrayed me as an idiot, and I hated that, and I wanted to come on the show and counter some of that.”

She continued to say she thought Fey owed her money for how much she “capitalized” on their striking resemblance.

“If I ran into Tina Fey again today, I would say: "You need to at least pay for my kids' braces or something from all the money that you made off of pretending that you're me!” she said. “My goodness, you capitalized on that! Can't you contribute a little bit? Jeez!"

In 2009, Fey won a Creative Arts Emmy for her portrayal of the then-Alaska governor.

image via INFphoto.com



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