Scientists say medication reverses hair loss in alopecia areata sufferers

By Michelle Kapusta,

Scientists said that hair growth was completely reversed after testing a drug on patients suffering from alopecia areata.

The BBC reported that the findings were discovered by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center after three people were given the drug ruxolitinib, which is normally used to treat bone marrow disorders.

The Tech Times noted that patients with alopecia baldness saw a full regrowth of hair after taking the pill. The results came within five months of treatment.

"We've only begun testing the drug in patients, but if the drug continues to be successful and safe, it will have a dramatic positive impact on the lives of people with this disease," said Raphael Clynes, from Columbia University Medical Center, who led the study.

Alopecia areata can occur in both men and woman of any age. The condition causes round patches of baldness and can lead to total hair loss.

The complete study and results were published in the Aug. 17 journal, Nature Medicine.



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