Scott Weiland was not in jail and police say they were tricked by impostor, Stone Temple Pilots singer slams TMZ

By Daniel S Levine,

Scott Weiland, the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman, has not been in jail for a month, despite a TMZ report. In fact, Weiland was in a studio on Thursday, where he recorded a message, telling the site that his lawyers will be contacting them.

Weiland posted a 50-second video on his Facebook page, saying that he had just read a TMZ post that claimed he had been in jail for the past month. Obviously, Weiland was not in jail and said he had been writing and recording during that time.

“It’s a lie,” he said. “TMZ, you’ll be hearing from my attorneys. Thank you.”

The problem is, there actually is a person who has been in prison since last month on burglary and drug charges. According to the Los Angeles Times, a man who claimed to be Weiland was arrested back on July 26 and held on $20,000 bail. The man had allegedly robbed a store of razors and police then found meth on him.

The man completely fooled police, claiming that he also had the same birthdate as Weiland. However, the man is really Jason Michael Hurley, 44.

How did TMZ get duped? The site claims that the police sent them a statement with the headline “Celebrity Arrest,” apparently still under the belief that Hurley was Weiland.

So, in a bizarre twist of fate, TMZ’s instant reporting without further checking actually helped out police. Hurley now gets an extra charge for giving officers false information.

image courtesy of Jen Maler/INFevents.com



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