Search continues for suspect alleged to have stolen from MH370 victims

By Michelle Kapusta,

Malaysian investigators have said that they are still searching for a man accused of stealing from the bank accounts of victims aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

CNN noted that officials said the suspect, a Pakistani national, is believed to have stolen money from the bank accounts of four victims on board the flight.

"We are still trying to locate this Ali Farran, who last worked as a car mechanic," Assistant Commissioner Izany Abdul Ghany of the Kuala Lumpur Commercial Crime Investigation Department said on Monday.

NBC News reported that authorities said that Farran may still be in Malaysia, as they have no evidence to suggest that he fled the country.

Farran is thought to be the third conspirator in the theft against the MH370 victims.

On Thursday, a female HSBC employee and her husband were arrested after allegations that they stole more than $30,000 from the flight’s passengers. The 33-year-old employee and her husband were taken in custody after the bank manager noticed suspicious activity at a Kuala Lumpur branch.

The Malaysian flight en route to Beijing disappeared after losing all contact with air controllers on March 8. The plane was carrying 12 crew members and over 200 passengers from 15 countries.



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