Selfie incriminates man in burglary, man in photo says it was a misunderstanding

By Daniel S Levine,

When a mysterious selfie showed up in a woman’s cloud storage, Santa Clarita police thought they had a break in a July burglary case. However, the man who appears in the selfie said it was all a misunderstanding, leaving police back at square one.

Back in July 30, a woman’s home was burglarized. The victim, whose name was not released, told police that her electronics went missing, along with cash. According to ABC News, she told police that her door was unlocked and the screen in her kitchen was cut open.

A few days later, a mysterious selfie appeared in the victim’s iCloud. It showed a man and a woman in bed. Police were excited. They thought they had a break and that the criminal was similar to one who allegedly checked his Facebook account during a robbery.

According to The Los Angeles Times, police identified the man as Larry Beltran Jr. and publicized the picture on television. But Beltran, along with his parents and his aunt, went to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department’s Santa Clarita Station on Wednesday to tell them that he was innocent. He told them that his aunt bought the iPhone and another one at a swap meet for $80.

“It's embarrassing,” Beltran told NBC LA after speaking with police. “I had no idea it would be all over the news or anything. That was just between me and my girlfriend.”

Sheriff’s deputies told the family to go back to the station today to speak with detectives.



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