'Sharknado' star Tara Reid opens up about party girl image

By Rachel Karach,

Sharknado star Tara Reid has opened up about the media’s take on her party girl past in the wake of the premiere of her latest flick, Sharknado 2.

Reid is notorious for being a party girl afflicted with drug use and plastic surgery mishaps. From bad behavior to body image issues, the 38-year-old veteran actress has never quite had a squeaky clean wrap.

However, she insisted that the media are to blame for her less than complimentary image in a new interview with TIME. In fact, her carefully preserved bad girl rep has actually damaged her career as an actress.

“The magazines aren’t even letting me grow up, and that’s what’s hurting me with the character roles. They need to let me be the woman I am now, not the girl. There’s a big difference,” said Reid. Reid maintained that the party girl reputation is from her American Pie days, though the first film was released in 1999.

“I feel like a cartoon,” Reid continued. “Because that’s what sells. Let’s write a bad story about Tara. Let’s show her drunk. Let’s show a party girl. Let’s show the worst situations.” Reid remarked that she has changed over the years, though the media isn’t interested in anything but her past blunders. “They still talk about stories from 10 years ago, my dress falling down or something ridiculous.”

As for her career, she hopes to be taken more seriously - despite taking Syfy roles - as an actress so that she can snag a few challenging roles.

Reid has recently released a new fragrance, Shark, in the wake of the success of the Sharknado movies.

Image courtesy of Peter West/ACE/INFphoto.com



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