From The Shelter to The Monster Tour: Eminem comes home

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Over 40,000 people packed every inch of Comerica Park in Detroit to give Eminem a proper homecoming. The “Rap God” returned to his hometown to close out the last leg of The Monster tour, which features Rihanna as a co-headliner.

Rihanna and Eminem performed a musical experiment when they teamed up for “Love The Way You Lie” and “The Monster.” That experiment has been brought to life on this tour and results in a one of a kind experience.

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The Monster Tour is a larger than life experience that doesn't require an opening act because the duo packs so much talent into their almost three hour set.

Before the two artists arrived on stage, the energy level of the crowd was already off the charts. Audience members filled every inch of the stadium. From the moments the lights went down to the end of the show, the audience never stopped cheering and celebrating.

Eminem and Rihanna took to the stage together to kick off the co-headlining event. The moment the two musical superstars took to the stage, the crowd could be heard from miles around screaming and celebrating Eminem’s homecoming.

The duo performed hits like “No Love,” “Run This Town” and “Live Your Life” and got the energy and the audience engaged from the first note. Eminem took time to interact with the crowd and welcome everyone to the tour.

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Eminem left the stage and Rihanna performed for about an hour solo. She ran through hits like “Talk That Talk,” “Rude Boy” and “Man Down.” Rihanna impressed with her incredible vocal range and was able to hold her own with the hometown crowd. Rihanna’s performance featured her band and dancers, which helped to elevate the performance, but it was clear that the audience was in attendance to see their hometown hero get back on the stage. Rihanna sang the first verse of her version of “Love The Way You Lie” and it was with incredible and emotional performance of their smash hit that allowed the transition between the two headliners took place.

In most cases when artists co-headline, the show stops and sets have to change over and it takes about an hour in-between performances. What Eminem and Rihanna did with their tour was create a seamless show that never let the energy of the crowd go down. The duo was a team on stage and helped to make the almost 50 song set-list feel like a well crafted and one of a kind experience.

Following Rihanna’s set, Eminem performed over 20 songs on his own. The audience came alive when he took the stage. It is clear that Eminem’s mind is often moving faster than his body because his rapping is faster than most in the industry. He is at the top of is game and is out to prove that to the audience. At times it feels like Eminem was back in the basement of the Shelter during a rap battle, trying to win over the crowd. That passion and fire in his performance can be felt from the front to the back row.

He performed a variety of hits that span the length of his career, including crowd favorites “Kill You,” “Without Me” and “Lose Yourself.” His energy on every track was intense and he seemed to love every moment with his hometown crowd. It was a welcome home party that was long overdue.

Eminem even mentioned that he might be the only sober person in the crowd but that was OK because everyone is a little mentally unstable after all. As a performer, Eminem is on his game and better than ever being sober. It seems as though he is really taking in every experience and the fans could not have been happier with the high energy and passionate performance.

The moments that really shined on The Monster tour was when Rihanna and Eminem were able to share the stage together. They both brought out their inner monster and their musical chemistry on stage was electric. They even performed “Stan” and “Airplanes” together which made the audience go wild.

Before his encore performance Eminem dedicated his hit “Not Afraid” to the city of Detroit and to all of the fans that had been with him since the early days of his career.

When he was performing “Not Afraid” the entire crowd came together and sang along. It was an emotional moment for concert attendees and Eminem. Eminem has always had a remarkable connection with the city of Detroit. He represents hope and passion for the city and the ability for a second chance. Having Marshall return to perform in his hometown re-sparks that energy and passion that has been felt in Detroit as the city tries to move forward.

Eminem has come a long way from the streets of Detroit and performing at The Shelter where he had to win over fans one lyrical rhyme at a time. Now Eminem has traveled around the world and sold out stadiums. Even with his status as a “Rap God” he never forgot the streets he grew up on and fans in Michigan never forgot him. As long as Eminem wants to be in the rap game, Detroit and his fans will be supporting him.

Welcome home, Eminem. Come back anytime and bring the Monsters with you.



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