Sinead O'Connor says Justin Bieber was 'sold on his sexuality' at 16

By Rachel Karach,

Irish musician Sinead O’Connor believes that Justin Bieber, along with many other young musicians, was exploited by the music industry for his sexuality at a young age.

According to Gossip Cop, O’Connor addressed the problem of over-sexualizing youth in the music industry during an interview on Magic FM radio. O’Connor explained that sexualization in the media is not just an issue that affects women—it affects everyone—including pop-star-turned-law-breaker Justin Bieber.

“I think that people focus an awful lot on the female aspect to this, but it is also the males,” she said. “The very young male artists who are practically children or look like children are also being sexualized.”

O’Connor backpedalled and called Bieber “extraordinarily talented” after explaining that he was “only 16-years-old” when he popped into the music scene. Although he is nearly 21 now, O’Connor claimed that Bieber was “very much being sold on his sexuality” during his first few years as a popular public figure.

After bringing Britney Spears into the mix to rip on her schoolgirl charade during her “Baby One More Time” video (she was just 17!), O’Connor said that the audience must realize that sexual exploitation impacts both genders in the media.

According to Jezebel, she also said that ''the children are being sexualized too early and both the male and female sense of worth is focused on the way they look and whether or not they are attractive to the opposite sex.''

Does Sinead O’Connor make a valid point?

Image courtesy of Famous/ACE/INFphoto.com



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