Snapchat to launch advertising, news service

By Allison Rubenstein,

The owners of Snapchat are hoping to significantly increase their financial gain, and possibly annoy their users, by incorporating media clips, news articles, and advertisements into the app.

Snapchat has been collaborating with advertising agencies and media companies, offering them their new product called Snapchat Discovery, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Through Snapchat Discovery, companies will be able to distribute videos, photos, and other content to Snapchat users who would view these ads just as they would open a message from a friend.

David Berkowitz, the chief marketing officer for advertising agency MRY, said that Snapchat has been “laying a lot of groundwork” in order to make the app “safer for brands,” reported The Wall Street Journal.

Snapchat is estimated to have about 27 million users, most of whom are preteens and teenagers, according to the Tech Times. This following will allow advertisers to reach a wide demographic of young people with short, small content.

Snapchat Discovery is expected to launch this November.



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