Snoop Dogg wears whiteface as Todd, doesn't get media backlash like Nick Cannon did

By Gina DiFalco,

Snoop Dogg has dressed up as a white man named Todd for what appears to be a fake dating service called "White Guys Connect." The rapper wears whiteface and a wig for his get-up.

"Hi, I'm Todd. I like to paintball, crochet and a little spoken word in my free time,” he says in one video. He flooded his Instagram page with photos and videos.

image and video via Instagram from Snoop Dogg

Atlanta Constitution Journal notes the veteran rapper’s appearance as Todd is a vast difference from when Nick Cannon dressed up as a white man to promote his album White People Party Music.

Cannon took a hit in the media for dressing up as the white man Connor Smallnut. He defended himself on Good Morning America, saying “I knew it would spark some controversy, but I felt like it's a conversation that we needed because we all have differences we embrace. I talk about it in my standup all the time. It is not a new conversation, but a topic of sensationalism.”

image via INFphoto.com



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