Sofia Vergara says she didn't bring Joe Manganiello to Emmys as he's 'too hot'

By Kyle Johnson,

Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara arrived at the Emmy Awards and walked the red carpet without new boyfriend Joe Manganiello, joking it was because he is "too hot."

Vergara spoke exclusively with E! News and after showing off her Roberto Cavalli strapless gown, explained why the True Blood hunk wasn't there with her.

"He's really hot, that's why I didn't bring him," she joked. "He's too hot, too tall, he takes a lot of space, so I'm like, 'Listen Joe, please don't come.' Too handsome, too sexy."

After she finished teasing, Vergara revealed she was happy with Manganiello. "We're having a lot of fun," she said. "We've been going out for just like two months and a half and he's a really funny guy which is something really important for me and very nice guy."

Back in July, Vergara brought her boyfriend along to meet her family. They met her family at a waterfront bistro in Miami and Manganiello spent the time trying in vain to understand the conversation going on around him since everyone else spoke primarily Spanish.

A source said that Vergara would occasionally explain things to Manganiello so he at least knew what they were talking about.

image courtesy of Peter West/ACE/INFphoto.com



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