South Carolina woman allegedly beats man for farting in her face

By Daniel S Levine,

A South Carolina woman has been accused of beating a man for farting in her face. She must have just figured beating him up was easier than spraying Febreze in the room.

The police report says that Jessica Carney, 33, was innocently sitting on a couch in a Myrtle Beach home when Darrell McKnight walked in to stink up the place, according to The Smoking Gun. As WBTW notes, he was intoxicated and “passed gas” in Carney’s face.

Cerney’s first solution to the smelly problem was just to leave the house, but McKnight followed her out the door. She claims he came at her in a “threatening manner” and was cursing.

An argument started and McKnight bent down for some reason. At that point, she “struck him in the face approximately three times with a closed fist,” according to police. Cerney was not drunk during the confrontation.

McKnight, 64, was later taken to a hospital for a swollen eye. Cerney was unscathed, although she did smell his fart.

Both Cerney and McKnight were charged with disorderly conduct fighting, notes The Huffington Post.



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