Talib Kweli argues with CNN anchor Don Lemon over Ferguson coverage

By Kyle Johnson,

Rapper Talib Kweli got into an argument on camera with CNN anchor Don Lemon over media coverage of the events going on in Ferguson.

"Media has done a horrible job in getting the story out there the right way," Kweli said, the Los Angeles Times reports. He blasted CNN for making it appear that the violence in the town was all on the shoulders of protesters.

Kweli notes that he doesn't think that CNN is intentionally trying to not be fair and balanced, "but we live in a world that's run by white supremacy, and the narrative and language of the oppressors has taken over."

Then in a usual news argument, both Lemon and Kweli tried to talk over the other for a short bit before they each calmed down enough to let the other speak. Once Kweli was done explaining why he felt CNN was inaccurate towards protesters from his perspective, he let Lemon talk and explain why he felt his network had actually been doing a good job.

Kweli isn't the only musician who has been trying to spread awareness of the situation going on with Ferguson. J. Cole recently wrote a song in honor of the unarmed 18-year-old who was shot and killed by a police officer.

Nelly, who is from St. Louis has been calling for continued peaceful protests and was on location, like Kweli. John Legend and Killer Mike have also been in support of the Ferguson protests.



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