Tallulah Willis, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter, pushed into rehab

By Kyle Johnson,

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have reportedly pushed their daughter Tallulah Willis into rehab.

According to sources who spoke with People, the 20-year-old's famous parents gave her an "ultimatum" and they were "about to take away everything from her" if she didn't seek treatment.

Other sources reportedly confirmed what the insider told the site about Tallulah checking into rehab.

Demi's daughter has allegedly struggled with drug abuse as well as the more public issues with body dysmorphia. Earlier in August, it was reported that she had entered rehab back in July regarding her alcohol and cocaine abuse.

A source said back then that Tallulah ended up checking into The Meadows in Wickenburg, Arizona. Whether this situation is part of her previous stint or is the same one still being reported on, isn't yet known.

Bruce allegedly discovered she was struggling with substance and drug abuse after Scout, Tallulah's older sister found her sister snorting cocaine at a party and told the Red actor.

image courtesy of INFevents.com



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